What has been achieved?

Since June 2017, Tucheze international is holding monthly sports tournaments for both boys and girls in the under 14 and under 17 age categories. The tournaments are held twice a month.

Football, Netball and boxing are some of the games on show.

We have been distributing sportswear since 2005. Organising tournaments was added to our activities in 2010. In January 2017, two sports tournaments were held in January 2017 in 2 localities: Kamwokya, Kampala and in Kimwanyi, Luwero.

Between 2005 and 2010 Tucheze International  has on several ocassions distributed suitcases and boxes of sports uniforms, shoes and balls to the local teams in Kampala and other districts. In this way we have supported the local sport and the development of local talent.

These are a few pictures of the distributions in the first few years:




In 2010 and in 2013 we organized a big tournament. There were at least 100 teams playing in the tournament who came from areas inside and outside of Kampala. In Europe we first collected unused football uniforms and equipment that was still of good quality. This is how we were able to provide a ‘new’ uniform to every team, and where possible shoes too. Every tournament was played during 2 weekends (all together 4 days of matches) and these were days full of fun, sport, game, music and friendship. The teams went home with new energy and a new uniform. These pictures will give a short impression of the tournaments:


A meeting with all the volunteers involved for the organisation of the tournament2-aankomst-kledingAll the boxes with football uniforms, shoes and balls have arrived well!

3-klaar-om-te-delenReady to distribute it all.

4-balThis is why we do what we do: to also provide this pair of feet with football shoes!

6-verzamelen-voor-de-startThe teams are coming together and organising themselves before the tournament starts.

7-uitdelenThe distribution can begin! All for free!

8-kleding-passenTrying out the new uniform.

9-schoenen-passenAnd where possible we also give shoes.

10-klaar-voor-de-startReady for the game!

11-warming-upWarming up

12-publiekThe audience

13-nog-niet-iedereen-is-voorzienThe need for proper sports equipment is high and unfortunately we were not able to give everyone a ‘new’ pair of shoes.

14-strijdA battle fort he ball!

15-aanleggen-voor-een-schot16-beveiligingSecurity was also ensured.

17-scheidsrechterFor a fair and honest game we hired professional referees.

18-verzorgingA medical person is also present to nurse possible wounds.

19-vrijwilligers-teamThe volunteers who helped during the tournament.

20-keeper-in-actieThe tournament seen through the legs of the keeper.

21-penaltiesPenalty time!

22-afrikaanse-zelfgemaakte-balThis is the ball kids play with when there is no leather football. This ball is made of plastic rubbish. We want to overflow Africa with leather footballs!

23-stoffig-veldLots of dust during the game…

24-tussen-de-koeienThe cows are grazing right next to the pitch!25-samen-opruimenPutting everything away together at the end of the tournament.26-einde

Tucheze International is considered to Steun and thus has ANBI status. This makes your donations to the organisation tax deductible!

ANBI status (Netherlands Tax exemption status)
RSIN / fiscal (identification) number: 8566 49 090.

Tucheze International ( Holland Address ):

Kobaltstraat 31
Apeldoorn, 7334AM


Email: info@tuchezeinternational.org

Tel: +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )

Address in Germany:

Niederstockumerweg 7a,      

48301 Nottuln

Email: info@tuchezeinternational.org

Tel: +4925027556 or +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )

Address in Uganda:

P.O.BOX 12882

Nalwoga Road,

Kulambiro, Tuba Zone,

Nakawa division.

Kampala Uganda.

Email: info@tuchezeinternational.org

Tel: +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )



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