What we do

It is our vision to see children and youth lead quality lives. We want to see this vision become a reality by supporting sports, and we also want to use sports as a tool to work together with youth on social and economic development in their lives through social entrepreneurship.

We plan to achieve this through the following strategy and activities:

–          Organise sport tournaments ( netball for girls and football for boys )

–          Establishing a sports centre

–          Life skills training

–          Skills development in the area of agriculture

–          Identification of youth in the community who struggle with mental health and support them to find the right medical care

–          Discussing mental health in the community and break the taboo by raising awareness

At this moment, we concentrate our activities in and around Kumwanyi in Bamunanika sub-county in Leweero district in Uganda. We continue to look for ways to expand our activities beyond this district.

Tucheze International is considered to Steun and thus has ANBI status. This makes your donations to the organisation tax deductible!

ANBI status (Netherlands Tax exemption status)
RSIN / fiscal (identification) number: 8566 49 090.

Tucheze International ( Holland Address ):

Kobaltstraat 31
Apeldoorn, 7334AM


Email: info@tuchezeinternational.org

Tel: +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )

Address in Germany:

Niederstockumerweg 7a,      

48301 Nottuln

Email: info@tuchezeinternational.org

Tel: +4925027556 or +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )

Address in Uganda:

P.O.BOX 12882

Nalwoga Road,

Kulambiro, Tuba Zone,

Nakawa division.

Kampala Uganda.

Email: info@tuchezeinternational.org

Tel: +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )



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