Strengthen our team!

Help Tucheze International achieve it’s sports for development objectives among sporting youth in Uganda. Tucheze International wants to expand the volunteers team. There are a lot of ideas and there’s still much work to do.

Would you like to join our team and you want to help us with:

  • Fundraising (collecting donations)
  • Collection of sports equipment
  • Liaising with other organizations for partnerships
  • Organize shipment of clothes to Uganda
  • Organizing sports tournaments
  • Organize activities to offer young people
  • perspective Communications
  •  website
  • finance Etc..

Please contact us via the contact page. Let us know what you can add to our team and what your motivation is.

. We look forward to working with you!

Tucheze International is considered to Steun and thus has ANBI status. This makes your donations to the organisation tax deductible!

ANBI status (Netherlands Tax exemption status)
RSIN / fiscal (identification) number: 8566 49 090.

Tucheze International ( Holland Address ):

Kobaltstraat 31
Apeldoorn, 7334AM



Tel: +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )

Address in Germany:

Niederstockumerweg 7a,      

48301 Nottuln


Tel: +4925027556 or +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )

Address in Uganda:

P.O.BOX 12882

Nalwoga Road,

Kulambiro, Tuba Zone,

Nakawa division.

Kampala Uganda.


Tel: +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )

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