Sports tournament in Kampala in January!

We are busy organizing a sports tournament in January 2017 in Kampala, in order to provide back many teams new uniforms and sports equipment!

We share with you everything that comes with it:

Shipping of the sports materials was done in November 2016 with the help of and sponsorship by Fodap International, a company specializing in shipments of items and materials from the Netherlands to Uganda

There is a team of volunteers active in Uganda to help organize the tournament, inviting teams to seek further sponsorship and to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day. This team had Sunday, January 8th and Monday, January 9th meetings to coordinate everything together.


Church Road Clinic in Kamwokya Kampala is located near the sports field which will be used and this clinic will provide free medical assistance during the tournament, if necessary.

Tents and chairs are donated by Derrick. Derrick was sponsored as a footballer in his youth by Charles, the deceased brother of Teba and professional football player and top striker in Uganda

The music and loudspeaker system is sponsored by Henry, a friend of Teba.

We are working in Uganda with ‘ambassadors’ to promote the work of Tucheze International. Which include Savio Kabugo and Charles Tibingana Mwesigye, they are both professional footballers in Uganda and Rwanda.

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