Highlights on Tucheze International transportation vehicle

The biggest problem to Tucheze International’s sporting activities has been the lack of a transportation vehicle and the high cost of hiring one, this has been solved by the purchase of a transportation vehicle, the vehicle is privately owned by Godfrey Tebandeke our Co-founder, however, he is happy to lend it to us.

The vehicle has been painted with the organisation’s colours, painting, designing, and branding of this vehicle has been done by Tucheze International’s back stage team of volunteers led by Kisembo Junior who is one of the long term beneficiary and a volunteer of Tucheze International ( formerly known as Trikots For Uganda).

Junior is a fine example of what the charity is trying to achieve. Junior played football and helped SC Victoria university qualify for the Uganda premier soccer league. Junior’s contract into the new season wasn’t renewed. Lucky for him he had a skill to lie back onto.

Today Junior supports his family by earning a living as a professional fine artist, sculpture, and graphics designer. On top of giving and distributing free sports equipment to both boys and girls, young men and women, Tucheze International is Preparing sporting youth for the tough reality of life after active sport by ensuring that each participant learn and persues a skill besides their sport and formal traditional classroom education.



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