Highlights of Saturday 21-October-2017 Tucheze International sports tournament for the Under 14/under 17 age category for both boys and girls football and netball

Next is the adults edition of Tucheze International sports tournaments and that will held on different grounds mainly Kira road police sports grounds, the tournament is for all ages above 17.

Well, on Saturday 21st October. 2017, Tucheze International held a monthly sports tournament for boys and girls, young men and women. We thank all our volunteers, technical committee, organisers, co-founders, board members, referees, Security, parents, participant(players), coaches, financial donors, sports Equipment sponsors, to mention but a few.

The Amputee team of children and youth who lost their legs to sickness, accidents etc for the time attended Saturday’s Tucheze International sports tournament. They walked away with free sports shirts. One of Tucheze International’s aims to tackle the problem of depression (mental health ) among sporting youth.

Depression is a silent epidemic and Tucheze International is using sports as a tool to help raise awareness and fight stigma that is associated with mental healness. Tucheze International (formally KFA, Trikots For Uganda) founder, former Ugandan national soccer team, state house, Sc Villa, Danang f.c top scorer Charles Kayemba committed suicide due to undiagnosed depression.

21/ October/ 2017. Tucheze International monthly sports tournaments tournament.

Geplaatst door Tucheze International op zaterdag 21 oktober 2017

Tucheze International is proud to Carry on Charles Kayemba’s legacy of giving out free quality sports equipment to all sporting communities. Charles Kayemba was an elder brother to Tucheze International co-founder Godfrey Tebandeke.

Next Tucheze international sports tournament will held in Wakiso District, Gombe Division Nansana Municipal, Kavule Parish, Kavule playground, Ssemuto Rd 17 miles by the road side on 4th November 2017 starting from 9am till 4pm. We hope to have a team for the disabled persons show their skills.

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