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Introduction to Stichting Tucheze International

Current football pitch
Current football pitch

Stichting Tucheze International is a Sports for Development organization, registered with the Chambre of Commerce in the Netherlands. At Tucheze International we want to see children and youth in Africa leading a quality life with more opportunities to rise from the difficulties to the heights of their abilities. To support this, we are working with professionals and specialists from the communities to help children and youth to improve their psycho-socio and economic wellbeing and enable them to attain their dreams through talent advancement.  To achieve this we are working with the following key implementation strategies:

  1. Establish community-based sport development structures
  2. Support social entrepreneurship (focus on agriculture)
  3. Raise awareness on and support person with mental health illnesses

 What has been achieved

The founders of Stichting Tucheze International have about 10 years of experience with collecting unused sports equipment from the public and sports teams in Europe, shipping it to Uganda and organizing sports tournaments where around 120 teams each time came to play. All teams went home with new sports uniforms, shoes and/or sports equipment. No child in the world should miss out on the opportunity to engage in sports because of lacking sports clothing and equipment. Engaging in sports is not only good for the physical and mental wellbeing of children and youth, it also opens up new opportunities for the talented boys and girls as they get selected to play in school teams and get free education in return (bursaries).

The dream: building a sports centre!

Current netball field
Current netball field: Budget for sports fields and toilets 9000 euros

However, not every child who engages in sports will be able to use this as a source of income. That is why at Stichting Tucheze International we want to take additional steps to support children and youth in realizing their dreams. We want to develop a quality sports field with sports centre in Kimwanyi, Luweero District. This sports centre building will be used for a variety of activities and it will become the place for the rural youth to gather, engage in sports, attend classes on Life Skills and talent development and find support for working on achieving their dreams.

Current netball field
Budget for sports fields and toilets 9000 euros

The centre will also be used for coaching on social entrepreneurship and training on agriculture skills. And the centre will be the base from where we plan awareness campaigns related to health in order to reach out to the wider communities in the area. Stichting Tucheze International is looking for funding to improve the sports field and to build a sports centre, including latrines and changing rooms.

Water Source (well)
Budget for changing rooms and showers, 7000 euros


Stichting Tucheze International: the right team to work with!

If you are looking for a good cause to invest in, we believe you have found this cause! On top of that, you have also found the right team to work with. The team of Tucheze International consists of people with many years of experience implementing projects and working for professional NGO’s both in the Netherlands and Uganda.

Water Source (well)
Water Source: The budget for water source is 4000 euros.

The team is also a mix of people from different nationalities, including Dutch, Ugandans and Germans. We all share the same passion: enabling children and youth in Uganda to engage in sports and improve their lives.We look forward to hear from you to partner with us to improve our existing sports field into a multi-purpose sports centre for development!

Tucheze International is considered to Steun and thus has ANBI status. This makes your donations to the organisation tax deductible!

ANBI status (Netherlands Tax exemption status)
RSIN / fiscal (identification) number: 8566 49 090.


Tucheze International ( Holland Address ):

Kobaltstraat 31
Apeldoorn, 7334AM



Tel: +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )

Address in Germany:

Niederstockumerweg 7a,      

48301 Nottuln


Tel: +4925027556 or +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )

Address in Uganda:

P.O.BOX 12882

Nalwoga Road,

Kulambiro, Tuba Zone,

Nakawa division.

Kampala Uganda.


Tel: +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )


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