About us

Tucheze International is a sport for development Charity/non profit organisation registered in the Netherlands that collects sports equipment From, Holland, Germany & Europe and distributes it free of charge to different sporting groups in Uganda and other countries eg. Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Burundi, Ghana, Congo, Malawi and any where the opportunity and need may arise.

Tucheze International holds sports tournaments where boys/girls, young men/women from different sporting teams eg NGOs, schools, sports clubs, local councils participate and receives free sports equipment.

Tucheze international also aims at training sporting youth in modern farming techniques, life skills, mental health and vocational training.


At Tucheze International we love sports! Sport is a positive force in the lives of children and youth. By engaging in sports, youth explore their talents, they discover the dynamics of a team, they develop their social skills and learn to overcome challenges. Sport contributes to the physical and mental well-being of people. In 1987, UNESCO recognized sport and physical education as a fundamental right for every human being. Unfortunately, as a result of poverty, this right to sport has become distant to so many youth and children. Tucheze International is working on changing this for children and youth in Uganda! To realise this, we are counting on your support too!

Tucheze is a Swahili word which means ‘‘let’s play”.


Free sports wear and equipments, modern farming techniques, life skills, mental health, and vocational training.

Tucheze International is considered to Steun and thus has ANBI status. This makes your donations to the organisation tax deductible!

  • ANBI status (Netherlands Tax exemption status)
    RSIN / fiscal (identification) number: 8566 49 090.
Tucheze International ( Holland Address ):

Kobaltstraat 31
Apeldoorn, 7334AM


Email: info@tuchezeinternational.org

Tel: +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )

Address in Germany:

Niederstockumerweg 7a,      

48301 Nottuln

Email: info@tuchezeinternational.org

Tel: +4925027556 or +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )

Address in Uganda:

P.O.BOX 12882

Nalwoga Road,

Kulambiro, Tuba Zone,

Nakawa division.

Kampala Uganda.

Email: info@tuchezeinternational.org

Tel: +31 657676399 ( Whatsapp number )


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