04/November/2017 Tucheze International sports tournament in Wakiso Kavule

The sports tournament/gala in Kavule Wakiso district was a success , A total 16 teams of netball, football, volleyball and individual participants in the board games category received free sports wear and equipment. The people in Wakiso are amazing. Both participants and fans gathered in big numbers.

Tucheze International Co-founder Founder, Godfrey Tebandeke addressed the crowd and he talked about mental illness among sporting youth and he raised awareness about the silent epidemic of depression among the world’s sporting youth. Godfrey used Original founder Charles Kayemba a former SC Villa Uganda premier league top scorer, East and central Africa top scorer, top Vietnamese club top scorer and Uganda national team striker who committed suicide due to severe depression as an example. Charles Kayemba was an elder brother to Tucheze International Co-founder Godfrey Tebandeke.

Godfrey also encouraged sporting youth to not only concentrate on sports, but also participate in income generating farming and vocational skills e.g. plumbing, carpentry, roofing, welding, brick laying etc.

Tucheze International is trying to be a first point of contact for sporting youth experiencing mental health problems.

Tucheze International in conjunction with team Lukwago organised the one day sports gala. A very big thanks to Tebandeke Godfrey and councillor Lukwago Robert who helped organise and financially sponsor the tournament.

Football, Netball , Volleyball and board games like Omweso and Ludo were some of the activities during Tucheze International tournament in Wakiso.

Thanks to whoever attended, contributed financially and volunteered during Saturday/04/November sports tournament.



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